Last updated: 11 Jul 2024

How do I test my interactions with the API?

Before you can access any PageUp API endpoints you will need to obtain credentials for the specific API endpoint and customer environment you are developing against. These credentials are then used to obtain an access token. See Authentication for detailed information on how authentication is handled. Once you have received an access token, you can use a tool like Postman to test out usage of the API. All development should be done against the UAT environment. Once development is approaching production, production scoped authorisation credentials can be obtained.

How do I get my Authorisation token?

Client credentials can be obtained from the customer's Technical Account Manager. For further details on client credentials and how to use them, please see Authentication.

What transport layer security protocols are supported?

All requests to Page Up APIs must be made using HTTPS using a transport layer security of 1.2 or greater. TLS versions below this are not supported.