Getting Started

Last updated: 19 Jun 2024

Welcome to the PageUp Developer Portal! We're excited you're here. Check out the steps below to get started building out your integration with the PageUp UTM platform.

1. Discover

  • PageUp’s Developer Portal provides information and tools to allow clients and partners to integrate with PageUp’s UTM platform
  • Each of our interfaces is designed to offer unique capabilities allowing 3rd parties to become part our ecosystem
  • Use this site to preview and documentation of our available and upcoming APIs

2. Get setup

  • Click here on how to obtain OAuth 2.0 client credentials for your UAT/Testing environment
  • To begin experimenting, all you need is some familiarity with RESTful APIs and a copy of [Postman](
  • You may need to get the tenant ID and data centre from PageUp

3. Go Live!

  • Identify the data centre and tenant that you are targeting
  • Once you're ready, your PageUp representative can help you set up production credentials