Last updated: 11 Jul 2024

Right to Modify

PageUp is constantly innovating and as part of this continuing innovation, PageUp may alter or discontinue any aspect of the API services described on this Developer Portal. PageUp will try to give you reasonable advance notice or to make a prior announcement. PageUp prefers to limit the amount of versions of its API’s in production by incrementally upgrading and adding to its API in a non breaking fashion. Subsequently PageUp will add new JSON fields, add HTTP headers, or change ordering of fields on a regular basis. These type of changes should are expected to be non breaking changes to any downstream integrations. Subsequently, developers programming against a PageUp REST API should not reference properties by order, or perform any strict validation of PageUp’s returns schema.

Backward Incompatible Changes

When PageUp intends to make backwards incompatible changes to the APIs listed on this Developer Portal, PageUp will announce such change on relevant API on this site and continue to maintain the software code for the impacted version(s) of the PageUp API Services for eighteen (18) months from the date such backwards incompatible changes are announced, in its reasonable determination. When PageUp makes backwards-incompatible changes to any of our APIs, we release new URL path versions.