Last updated: 11 Jul 2024

Provide your employees with the training they need by integrating your content into the PageUp Learning Module.

Requesting API credentials

For information on how to obtain API credentials and to start integrating with the Learning API, please visit the Getting started page.

Before you begin

To begin using any of the Learning API resources, there are a few things that you will need:

  1. Authentication credentials for your chosen PageUp Client
  2. The numerical clientId for the client you are integrating with. (eg: 123) This information will be provided to you as part of a welcome email when you register for API credentials.

Validation messages

When integrating with the Learning API, you may receive validation messages in your responses. Each specific Learning API resource documents the list of validation messages you may receive and what they mean.

Error messages

In addition to validation messages, you may also receive generic HTTP Status code error messages in your responses. Information on these error messages can be found on our Error handling page.

Contact us

If you're stuck and require further assistance, feel free to contact us via the Support method provided in your welcome email.


Integrate with PageUp's Learning Activities API to create and modify the activities your employees will complete. Conten...